Minorities In Business Hires New Executive Director

Samuel Knox

Springfield, MO— The Minorities in Business (MIB) Board of Directors are pleased to announce that Samuel Knox has been named Executive Director of MIB. Knox, who is the managing editor for the Unite News Publication and event planner for the annual Springfield Multicultural Festival, has served as the MIB treasurer since its founding.

Minorities in Business’ mission is to promote economic development and business opportunities through advocacy, networking, and capacity-building for minority businesses and entrepreneurs.

By hiring Knox, MIB hopes to raise the awareness of the organization; increase the number of minority business owners that are certified, and cultivate and grow the number of local public and private business relationships to assist minority firms in obtaining large scale procurement, contracts and financing awards.

“Our strategy is to form alliances with our local business stakeholders to explore comprehensive strategies to do more business with the broadest spectrum of diverse business owners in our area. I believe minority business owners are more than their economic impact. Their presence in our community has a multiplier affect by creating jobs that stabilizes families, they provide leadership and a road map to success in the communities where they operate,” said Knox.

Minorities In Business History: MIB was organized in 2009 to promote economic development and business opportunities for minority businesses and entrepreneurs in the Springfield metro area. MIB has presented the annual MIB Heritage Awards event, workshops, guest speakers, and meets regularly with local public entities and business organizations to promote its mission of increasing business opportunities and promoting entrepreneurship for historically excluded groups.

MIB Monthly Networking events are open to anyone who is interested in cultivating relationships with local minority business owners, connecting with educational resources or seeking business opportunities in the City of Springfield, Missouri.

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