Springfield Bass Player Releases Original Music on CD titled “Let The Old Man Play”

Ernie Bedell

Springfield, MO— Ernie Bedell, has spent much of his musical career playing R&B and Bass accompaniments with various blues and R&B artists. At the age of 14, Ernie started playing acoustic guitar with the mentorship of his 7th grade English teacher.

In 1967 Ernie started a band called the “Fabulous Elites”. The band included three of Ernie’s brothers: Joe (guitar), Larry (vocals and keyboard), and Tommy (manager). In the mid 1970s, this group later transformed into the R&B funk band “K.C. Express” that featured a five piece rhythm section and a two piece horn section. This group became very popular throughout the midwest, and later signed a recording contract with Stax Record Company.

“Having backed-up big names for over 50 years it was time to record my own music and write my own songs.” remarked Ernie. The CD features Ernie Bedell and special guests, Angelia King and Richard Allen. It includes his anticipated single “She’s a Rose” which is a tribute to Ernie’s mother.

To purchase a copy of the CD, go to: www.erniebedell.com or to the Facebook page. For every 100 CDs sold, Ernie will hold a lottery to donate $50 to cancer research in the name of a cancer patient.