Nonprofits and Churches Work Together

Food-Truckwby Mark Dixon, Unite Guest Writer

It’s no secret that both nonprofit community organizations and churches are in the business of helping people, but sometimes more can be done by working together than individually.  So when the Springfield Community Center approached the Bartley-Decatur Neighborhood Center, Springfield NAACP and Deliverance Temple Ministries with an idea for a mobile food pantry (MFP) that would focus on helping to address unmet food security needs for individuals and families in our community, they all jumped at the opportunity.

Working with Ozarks Food Harvest and the generous support of the Musgrave Foundation, these partners invited African American congregations in Springfield to a brunch meeting to discuss the MFP.  About a dozen churches sent representatives (including a number of senior pastors) to the meeting and all of them were excited to participate!  In fact, it was exciting for everyone involved to see the legacy of black community support energized by this joint program effort.

The churches will identify and sign up recipients, as well as provide volunteers who will help with distribution on the day of the monthly food giveaway.  Because families typically have a tougher time towards the end of the month, the distribution dates will be in the third or fourth week of the month, with the first one scheduled for Thursday, January 26, 2017. The designated location partner will be Deliverance Temple Ministries, 2101 W. Chestnut Expressway.

If you are a member or are otherwise connected to of one of the following congregations, you are encouraged to find out more from your pastor or community outreach minister.

Current participating congregations include:

Acts of Praise Whole Life Ministries

937 E. Dale

Deliverance Temple Ministries

2101 W. Chestnut Expressway

Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church

2548 N. Fremont Avenue

Gibson Chapel

536 E. Tampa

God’s House of Glory

826 S. Golden

New Growth Ministries

1351 N. Marion Avenue

New Hope International Ministries

901 N. Prospect Avenue

Powered by Christ Ministries

2722 W. Mt. Vernon

Refuge of God

518 E. Atlantic St.

Sanctuary of Praise C.O.G.I.C.

5420 MO-H (North Glenstone)

Turning Point Church

1722 N. National