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John POD Unite.

John Sellers, Homer Boyd and Bert Adams

by John Sellars, Springfield History Museum I began looking for inspiration for the item to send to Unite for April as I always do by looking through our collection of photographs. It usually doesn’t take long for one to jump out at me and I write my caption and article accordingly. This month one popped out that was different from months past. It was not a picture from the distant past but from a mere eleven years ago. This photo of me and two of my best friends. We lost them both last year and with them went a huge amount of history and information about this community. Bert Adams and Homer Boyd told me stories and provided me with insight that helped shape both of the exhibits we have staged about the African American contributions to this place we call home. When you read this article, seek out those who have gone before you and take the time to sit and listen to how things have changed and not changed over the years. Don’t miss that opportunity you will regret it when they are gone and our community will be diminished if their piece of history is not preserved.