How to Follow Through on Your New Year’s Resolutions

Success Magazine—Proper goal-setting is a key to achieving what you want. But then the question becomes: How do you keep at those self-promises for the entire year?

     We solicited reader input, three of which are highlighted in the case studies to the right. We also received a number of other strategies that are excellent ways to keep those New Year’s resolutions.

Create habits.

New York City-based search engine optimization consultant Edward Strum advises focusing intensely on a single resolution. “Make it a cornerstone habit that a bunch of good habits and practices can develop from,” he says.

Stay true.

Melody Godfred, founder of the Los Angeles-based Fred + Far self-love movement, advises focusing on the “old you, for the new year.” That means finding ways to remember your true self during your best time—before depression, unhealthy habits, financial struggle or other situations set in.

Seek joy first.

A few years ago, Christina Moreland, Houston author of Secrets of the Super Mom: How to Be a Super Mom Without Losing Your Super Self! started the new year by asking herself, What brings you joy? She then created a New Year’s strategy to amplify the things that brought her joy. For example, feeling healthy and strong is joyful for Moreland, so she committed to working out three times per week.

Get motivated with incentives.

Paul Koger, a proprietary trader in New York City, uses money to motivate him to stay on track. He pays a friend $50 for every week that he fails to jog three times, and he documents his runs on their shared Sports Tracker app.

Stick to your core values.

Melissa Slawsky, CEO of Brainiac Bundles, says that staying on track requires that the resolutions be aligned with her core values—such as creativity, innovation and freedom—and do not even hint at what she calls “ego candy,” like outward appearances or flashy possessions.

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