Unite News awarded CFO Grant for African American COVID-19 Connection to Resources & Services Project

Springfield, MO—Unite of Southwest
Missouri, Inc has partnered with CPO Caring Communities, Springfield NAACP, and Prosper Springfield to launch a COVID-19 resources and services outreach campaign. A $10,000 grant was provided by the Community Foundation of the Ozarks, COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund.
The grant is being used to contact targeted community members to obtain names and mailing addresses of residents needing vital COVID-19 health information. The plan calls for the contact of each predominantly African American church and organization by phone. Each organization will be notified about resources and services for health, hygiene products, and food for people who do not have access to technology or do not feel comfortable accessing technology.
This partnership recognizes that African Americans have greater disparities and health issues. These collective impact partners will focus on connecting and providing resources and services through trusted community relationships. The focus is also for African American families and their students who are living at or below the poverty level.
Unite News will use its social media and print assets as a way to distribute the Unite News, NAACP, Caring Communities, and Prosper Springfield campaign message. Unite will include articles important for the African American community to stay healthy and safe (e.g., why men should see the doctor, why regular check-ups for diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure are important, and where to go for COVID-19 tests if they have symptoms, etc.).
Unite will provide a free six-month subscription so information can be provided on a regular basis.
In the event churches and organizations are able to meet physically in the near future, grant partners will attend events to provide more direct access to information and capture needs.
For individuals that need additional
assistance, CPO Caring Communities will provide case management services for up to six months to connect individuals to local health care resources.
If you missed this letter that went out in early April, and your church or organization would like assistance, please contact Brooke Ash at 417-888-2020.