Efactory 5th business accelerator class offers funding & mentorship

Tipper Mobile founder, Jahbarie Hefferson

Springfield, MO—The Efactory’s fifth business accelerator cohort is in motion after a 2020 break due to the coronavirus pandemic.
A quartet of startups were introduced earlier this month at the Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center, the downtown home of the Efactory business incubator. Founders of AgButler Inc., MiddleCoast Solutions LLC and Tipper Mobile LLC attended the Efactory event.
The 5-month program, which through year’s end, offers mentorship, net-working, office space and additional funding opportunities. Tipper Mobile founder Jahbarie Jefferson said he’d like to roll out his app, which helps content creators make money on social media, by October. He said the launch will depend on finding some help with translating the app for iOS, as it currently is developed only for Android devices.
“It is designed to bring community support to social media platforms,” he said of Tipper
Mobile, which as an app extension allows users on Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok and others to press a tip button to transfer money to someone via their username. “We’re hoping the convenience of that will make it a lot easier for people to monetize on social media.”
Jefferson, a 2020 Misoouri State University graduate, said he’s been visiting about the app in recent weeks with many low-to midlevel content creators, such as those with 50,000-100,000 followers. Jefferson said he’s not a content creator himself but wants those who are to be paid fairly for their work.
We’re targeting content creators because they will tell their fans to support them through this platform rather than TikTok or some other one,” he said, noting artists, charities and political movements are among those it could benefit.
The startups range in age from three months to three years, covering business solutions such as meeting employment needs in the farming industry and monetizing social media content. Each startup receives $30,000 in seed money in exchange for 8% equity in their companies.
This year’s business accelerator concludes with a Demo Day pitch event set for Nov. 12. The companys will share their progress with the hopes of finding additional investors, according to Efactory directors.

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