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How Do Health Numbers Connect to Weight and Overall Health?

We all say we want to be healthy, but what do we mean when we say that? The World Health Organization defines it as a complete state of physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. But understanding where and how we can improve those factors is essential if […]

Do You Want to Go Vegan For the Holidays? These Chefs Will Inspire You

Are you feeling inspired to add some vegan dishes to your holiday menu? We get it. With the rise of health-conscious decisions and conscious consumption, we’re all looking for ways to pick up a few good habits. While it may feel overwhelming, folks like Tabitha Brown make adding vegan options to your holiday festivities approachable […]

Long Colds Versus Long Covid

Our lives have certainly changed since the COVID-19 virus hit the world in 2020. There have been more than one million deaths worldwide. And for some of us fortunate enough to see the other side after contracting the virus, the effects have proven to be long-term, as senses such as taste and smell have still […]

How to Host an Inclusive Holiday Potluck That Makes Every Guest Feel Welcome

The holidays are synonymous with parties, gatherings and potlucks where people come together for the shared purpose of enjoying diverse foods—not just in terms of dishes but also in flavors, ingredients and cooking methods. If done correctly, holiday potlucks are a thing of beauty, where friends invite friends, coworkers gather and neighbors open their homes […]

5 Steps to Successfully Integrate AI Into Your Company as a Leader

As a leader in the media space, I felt the power of AI in leadership the first time I used ChatGPT back in March 2023. I could immediately see the impact and efficiencies for magazines, media, marketing and coaching. The streamlining of ideas, the reduction of research time and the opportunities to provide more access […]

7 Winter Skin Moisturizing Tips (Plus Products That Keep You Hydrated)

It’s a fact of life: Cold weather dries our skin. That’s because when temperatures drop so does humidity. Add to that our attempts to keep warm—relying on indoor heating systems that dry indoor air, lingering in steamy baths and showers when it’s chilly, even wearing moisture-robbing wool clothing—and you have a recipe for parched, ashy, […]