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“A Guide to Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period”

by Mahalia Boyd,
UniteNews Contributing Writer

Springfield, MO— Assisting someone with Medicare benefits before turning 65 involves understanding the enrollment process, available coverage options, and important deadlines. Here’s a guide with general steps to help you navigate the Medicare enrollment process:

Medicare has specific enrollment periods, and it’s essential to know when they apply to avoid penalties or gaps in coverage. The Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) is the most crucial, which starts three months before the person’s 65th birthday as well as some younger individuals with specific disabilities. In addition:
• General Enrollment Period if you missed the IEP;
• Special Enrollment Period if you have qualifying circumstances like
employment-based coverage;
• Annual Enrollment Period for changes to Medicare Advantage and Part D plans (October 15-December 7).

First, gather all necessary personal information including your legal name, Social Security number, address, and contact details. You will need to compile a list of all prescription medications including name, dose, and dosage.

Second, check your eligibility for premium-free Part A and evaluate whether you need to enroll in Part B. If you are still working or have group health coverage through you or your spouse’s employer, you may delay Part B enrollment without facing penalties. In other words, decide between the two main parts of Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance.) Also, you may need to consider additional coverage Part C (Medicare Advantage) and Part D (prescription drug coverage).

Third, Medicare information can be confusing. I would encourage you to attend locally held educational seminars that can provide insights into the program, benefits, and how to choose the right coverage options. Also, the official Medicare website, offers a wealth of information.

In conclusion, here are some key questions to consider: Are you in good health or do health or do you have chronic conditions or special medical needs? Which prescription drugs do you take regularly? How much do you spend each month? What doctors do you see regularly and for what kind of care? Are you eligible for any healthcare coverage besides Medicare (for example Department of Veterans Affairs)? Will you keep work-related coverages when you retire? How does healthcare fit into your budget? Do you expect similar costs this year compared to last year?

Remember the enrollment process may vary slightly based on your circumstances and the specific Medicare plans you choose. It’s important to research and understand your options thoroughly to make informed decisions about your Medicare coverage. Primerica has partnered with e-TeleQuote’s easy Medicare to help YOU make the process of selecting a Medicare plan easier. I’ll be happy to assist you to get connected. Don’t delay!

Mahalia Boyd,
Primerica Life Company & Financial Services
Cell 417.414.0230
e-TeleQuotes easyMedicare
Referral no. 1.800.579.2152
Last Name: BOYD Solution no. EDW7U
(Primerica Life Company & Financial Services)

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