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Batman v. Superman

Lyle Foster

By Lyle Foster

Unite Contributing Writer

Occassionally I admit that the throes of time are moving on by.  Why I remember when Batman and Robin and Superman was doing good and flying around the sky.  As I said I remember but some of you do too and super heroes were well…..super.

Which brings us to the new hot movie which incidentally has a lot of critics up in arms and many fans giving it bad reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and similar sites.  There obviously has been a lot of hype and expectation around the new Batman vs. Superman flick which promised fans worldwide that there was going to be a smackdown between Batman and Superman.  Is it just me or do you also not want to see your heroes fight or the good guys fight each other?    Aren’t there enough bad guys in Gotham and Metropolis and wherever else they hang out to keep them busy until the universe blows up?  Well apparently not.

This new installment of the Batman and Superman franchise goes in a whole new direction…and if poor Robin was around …he would probably say..”Holy What Happened?”    Both super heroes as far as I am concerned have taken a walk to the dark side and the movie has a gloomy glow to it and casts these fan favorites in a totally different vantage point.  Earth is upset with Superman and considers him an out of control alien and Batman is out to settle a score.  And then along comes Wonder Woman…  What …who?  Yes, Wonder Woman is in the film too and if you are real quick on your feet you may piece together that this film is setting the stage for a much bigger entrance into the movie screen and that is for the Justice League of America which comes out in 2017.  And that is a whole nother story but we see hints of what is to come in this film.  Perhaps if I had a better grip on all of that I would have been in a different frame of mind for the film.

There is of course something much bigger at work here and that is an attempt to bring this film franchise up to date for today’s fan and to hook a younger generation that is hooked on video games and could care less about a happy ending.  The director Zach Snyder who apparently had $250 million to play with and the acting talents of Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman took it to another planet with this no holds barred version of the famous film.  My favorite actor was actually neither of the above with the villain Lex Luthor played brilliantly by Jesse Eisenberg.  Now he can act for everyone in the film and then some and he knows how to do the bad guy and he was worth the price of the admission ticket.  The rest of the cast ….not so much.  The person who surprised me the most was actually Lawrence Fishburne who played editor Perry White, editor of the famous Daily Planet.  I never knew Perry White was black but it is good to see Mr

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. Fishburne get some play in this incredible money making franchise and he always shows his acting chops.  I also think it would be cool to see a black Batman …..I can totally imagine a brother driving the Batmobile and adding some swagger to that cape.  But apparently not yet……!

I don’t want to sound like a brother trapped in the black and white TV set…..I do believe in updating and reimagining characters and plots but this wasn’t an update.  Robin would say…..”Holy Jeezers”!  I didn’t totally recognize these 2016 versions of my favorite heroes and I would like a few scenes of something normal and hopeful.

And I am not alone……lots of fans felt the same way but folks were so excited for the next installment franchise that they had already bought tickets and made the film $450 million buckaroos already.  “Holy MegaProfit!”

I’m sure that for many of you it is the must see film of the year and I get that.  But if you are not sure it still is great for the big screen but I might way for it to get to the discount show.

There are some special effects that are pretty amazing and the reinvention of these characters is memorable.  But I prefer a different version of Batman and Superman and not knocking each other’s brains out.

Holy Disappointment!

84 out of 100

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