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Chillin’ and Flixin’

Well, we know we are in unprecedented times and so we are collectivity hoping for the best. Please know that I have prayers and positive thoughts towards everyone for this to pass and we all come out as well as possible. The movie theaters are closed which is completely unusual in itself and that means that option is off of the table as we social distance, hibernate, quarantine and doing what we need to do.

As most of you know the Hollywood studios are also releasing their new movies online because those films cost considerable millions to make….it is a huge financial loss for them to not get those new blockbusters to the big screen. The initial reports are that the costs will be about $20.00 for 48 hours. I suppose for a family that is cheaper than going to the actual theater but if you are a single or a couple of students you may want to think twice. Of course, you can watch it several times if that is your thing.

This month I want to highlight several things on Netflix that we can check out to help pass the time until things get brighter. The most anticipated thing to watch is actually a series that began towards the end of March titled “Self Made: Inspired by the life of Madam C. J. Walker”. It is a mini-series so that will take up some additional time. This column is not going to allow me to go into depth because I want to give some other recommendations.

Please keep in mind that it is not an actual account but rather loosely based on the biography written by Madam Walker’s great-great-grandaughter. But a real powerhouse in the form of Octavia Spencer is playing the part and the producers include Spencer and no other than LeBron James. Perhaps the best way to describe it is to say don’t look for a real-life account of Madame Walker but rather an interpretation of some aspects of her life.

Netflix has made a lot of strides in having content that appeals to diverse audiences and there are a considerable number of films that you may describe as Black movies. I want to just mention a few to you in case you need some recommendations and of course, we know on Netflix once you start to watch something a lot more suggestions will come up. A lot of older films are also. Please know that most films will have some language in them even the Christian ones so I am just sharing that as a disclaimer.

April Suggestions:

 • Spenser Confidential -This is a cop film….well sort of …..and it has a bit of a comedic flavor to it…..and I stumbled on it and surprised myself with how much I enjoyed it.

 • She Did That……profiling the lives of extraordinary black female entrepreneurs…..learn and be entertained.

 • Marching Orders…….OMG…..nothing gets me going like the bands at our HBCU’s and this show is dope! It shows behind the scenes and what it takes for Bethune-Cookman to be the band of bands. I had to go to the Homecoming there and see for myself….the best of the best!

 • Freshman Year…….. Well, this is a coming of age movie of sorts about a church boy who goes to a secular college and of course discovers the “world”. It is not a big-budget film but it is entertaining and of course, there are some spiritual lessons in it. The young man is a PK……so need I say more?

 • We didn’t forget the kids…there are a lot of kids flicks on Netflix and you probably already know but Raising Dion (how would you like a kid with superpowers?) and Miss Virginia which of course is based on a true story of one mom who wanted her son to get a good education. Don’t we all?

Before I forget Pure Flix has a seven-day free trial and this is a chance to watch some “clean” movies and inspirational as well. Just remember if you don’t want another monthly bill to cancel in seven days or less. Most of you remember War Room, well you might enjoy God’s Compass. This again is not a big-budget film but if you believe in second chances you might enjoy it.

In the meantime let’s be kind to one another, prayerful and careful and let’s all come out of this thing on the other side!

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