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Free Video Series to Upgrade Your Online Skills

by Heather Noggle

Springfield, MO— If this is my first article you’ve read, you may not know I have a passion for secure online behavior. For everyone.
I spent December of 2022 building a video series you can find on my website ( or on YouTube by searching “Heather Noggle”. It’s all about simple things people and small businesses can work on to be safer online. Included are videos about making habits to improve how they interact with websites using computers and mobile devices. In January I took a few weeks and edited the content and released it in mid-January of 2023.
The whole series is just over half an hour to watch, and the videos are broken up into segments.  Each is 3 minutes long or less.

What content can you find in these videos?
• How to build good passwords and manage them
• Antivirus/antimalware
• Backing up data
• Patching your devices and their software
• Email scams
• Social engineering – scamming behavior
• Multifactor authentication and why you need to use it everywhere
I plan to update the channel with a video every week or two. With these videos being as short as they are, I’ll split the slides with the “action items” on them into one YouTube Short and the video of me talking – or parts of it – into another for each of these.
It wasn’t until I shared my plan and the month I intended to finish the work with others that I got over some serious fear and doubt and got this done.  If the videos help just a few people, well worth it.
Packaging the content into individual videos and what to leave out of the videos proved to be the most challenging work in the planning phase. Video editing, while a new skill, was more just somewhat dull “doing.”
To build videos you need decent but not necessarily expensive equipment.  For these, it was my iPhone, a $12 Ring Light, a microphone, and video editing software. I learned how to add in music tracks, minimize volume, add captions, callouts, and change lighting on video.

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