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Movie Review: “Captain America: Civil War”

by Lyle FosCaptain-America-Civil-War-Last-Official-Posterter, Unite Contributing Writer

I hope I don’t sound too philosophical but what is going on with super hero movies now?  Why can’t we have the good guys and the bad guys and we know who wins?  These last films leave the audience not sure if virtue wins or if there is trust anywhere?  Maybe it is just the reality that there is no escape from the world we have created and there is no point in going to the movies to expect that either.

I am not the biggest fan of the Marvel series and we also understand that all of these movies are leading to additional sequels and huge groups of superheroes slugging it out

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I actually liked the origination of the Captain America series and it seemed to have good character development and a strong story line.

This latest installment brings a large list of superheroes all together in a lot of action packed scenes and if you are familiar with the Marvel characters some of them have some very unique skill sets.  Interestingly enough we now have three black super heroes in this particular film and while I have been begging for some folks of color who can fly through the air and save cities I am somewhat curious about the ones that Hollywood came up with.  But why should I be surprised I suppose would be the question?

This film brings a new character the Black Panther ….who incidentally is black.  I lik him in a lot of ways because of his tenacity and sheer determination.  He is an African warrior that has taken this role to avenge his father’s death who was the ruler of an African nation.  This character is played by Chadwick Boseman.  The other black super heroes are played by Anthony Mackie (the Falcoln) and Don Cheadle (the War Machine).  They have been in previous films and frankly I didn’t find their characters to be the coolest or the baddest but it’s a job right.  Alfre Woodard is also in the film in a smaller role.  One thing we do know is that these blockbuster films make serious bank and we hope that means serious funding for the folks who wear the spandex and get in front of the green screens and pretend to fly.

I hope this review is not too hard to understand but the plot of the movie is a bit too political to think it is purely by accident that this is the story line.  It was such a strong play for the concept or the message of the one world order and the Marvel heroes have to decide if they want to be governed by the world or if they want to still make decisions as free thinkers.  The simple scenario is that after another incident when there is collateral damage (innocent people getting killed ) from another high spectacle Avenger rescue a plan is enacted to have the Avengers governed by an international council.  Half of the Avengers agree and half do not subscribe to the oversight.

The culmination of this new authority is that the Avengers fight each other in a grand finale to the movie.  My beef is that the plot is too heavy for a summer blockbuster because it is not lost that the international body seems very much like the United Nations and there is a message in all of this.

The final showdown knock out drag out battle between the two factions of the Avengers certainly brings some clever and almost spectacular fighting scene and a lot of CGI action but to no one’s surprise the ending is simply a set up for the next sequel.

I had my popcorn and was all set to welcome the summer movies in with a lot of anticipation and excitement but I left wanting a better movie and I didn’t want an ulterior motive and political message to be the underlying theme.  The black superheroes almost worked but again the character development needs a lot of work.  The Black Panther was kind of cool though so good job there.

Here’s hoping the next summer blockbuster will be better and stronger and a return to the heroes just beating the bad guys.

84 out of 100

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