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Movie Review: Holiday Movies

Warner Bros. Pictures 2015

By Lyle Foster, Unite Contributing Writer

The battle at the box office goes in full mode for the Christmas season.  There is enough for everyone of all tastes and while there is the ultimate blockbuster on tap for the middle of the month there are plenty of others that won’t bring in the same numbers but nonetheless will still probably get their share of loyal fans.  I want to share a few of the films that you may want to look for or someone in the family may take you to after a day of shopping and snacking on those Patti LaBelle sweet potato pies……OMG….ok this is about movies and not about pies…

For all of the Star War fans and I don’t need to review this film….one it doesn’t come out until the middle of the month and it is already sold out at most theatres in advance tickets and it is expected to break box office results….bottom line they won’t notice if we come or not.  But if you have a ticket or go to see if after the crowds dwindle you may look out for two talented actors John Boyega and Lupata Nyong’o.  I hope to see it in the after Christmas lull.

In the meantime if you are either a Will Smith fan or have your issues with the NFL you may want to check out Concussion starring Mr. Smith.  An interesting aspect of this film is that it is based on the true story of Dr. Bennet Omalu a Nigerian born forensic pathologist who was the first one to identify the real impact of the head injuries on NFL players.  Most of us are aware that this is a huge issue in football now and some big money is being offered to settle with dozens of players who have life altering injuries from this devastation.  The question might simply be despite the truth who wants to upset football season especially at this point in the NFL season realizing that what you are enjoying and cheering for is causing life changing injuries in your favorite players.  Mr. Smith does a credible job of acting down to the Nigerian accent but the question will be how much traction can the movie get in the middle of the shop til you drop time.

And our feature movie today is Creed starring the very talented and apparently very worked out Mr. Michael B. Jordan.  A large part of me wonders how much can we squeeze out of the entire Rocky franchise but the answer is apparently some more because this is the next installment on the Rocky series.  I have commented before on whether or not Hollywood is running out of ideas but the answer seems to be they know we will watch the familiar no matter how many times.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way the truth is Mr. Jordan is an incredibly talented actor and I have great admiration for his acting chops and in this film he does not disappoint. He also embarked on a vigorous regimen to be “ring ready” for this film and understandably has new respect for what it takes to be a boxer.

The plot is an almost plausible one as Mr. Jordan’s character is the son of the first Creed that was the ole nemesis of Rocky and as he grows up he discovers that boxing is in his blood.  The younger Creed who has not been trained at all looks up the old Rocky character …Sylvester Stallone and asks him to get him ready for the ring.  You and I can both figure out the movie from here and maybe this is why once again the story works because we love a story of triumph and coming back from very difficult odds.  In the process the younger Creed comes to peace with his father, his past and himself.  This may be the best part of the story and the older wiser Rocky not only imparts fighting skills but life lessons as well.  If you are a true Rocky fan you will like this movie.  If you are a Michael B. Jordan fan you will also like this movie.  Hey, maybe that is why they brought the Rocky franchise back out again because they knew there was enough of a fan base to make it work between these two supportive fan bases.  I support it because the co-director is the very visionary Ryan Coogler who directed Fruitvale Station and now has brought this story to the big screen.  I am assuming that all of you know the film Fruitvale Station …..i am still recovering from the impact of that film and it is still a must see if you didn’t see it.  We also have in Creed the rising star Tessa Thompson from “Dear White People” fame and “Selma”.  I don’t want to give it away but her presence in the film provides an interesting story within the story and is also very touching.

It’s the holiday season so I have to tell the truth.  After watching the emotionally charged Southpaw earlier this year I had not planned to do any more boxing films in 2015……but ……Creed.

Creed is worth it so add it to your stocking or shopping cart.  Mr. Jordan and Ms.Thompson deserve our support and this story is a great one to tell.  I think it is a good film….scratch that a very good film.  And with everything that is going on in our world the ability of movies to offer an escape albeit temporary is needed now more than ever

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Go Mr. Creed…..a very good film.

May the Spirit of Christmas be with each of you this season and hopes for a better new year!

Thanks for your support,prayers and encouragement.

92 out of 100

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