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Movie Review: “StarTrek Beyond”

StarTrek-groupBy Lyle Foster

Unite Contributing Writer


Star Trek Beyond-We made it to the future……

I wanted to see this installment of the Star Trek franchise because the villain is a black man…..yes I said it…..I was just curious to see what a space villain that is an African-American would be like way down the road in the future.  I also have to admit that the actor Idris Elba who is from the United Kingdom is one of my favorite and I wanted to see what he would bring to the very difficult and dark role that he played.  Don’t get me wrong I still wanted to see Captain Kirk and Spock and that crew as well

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There is always this interesting plot that seeks to come up with something different to entertain the very faithful Trek fans who don’t miss a mistake and any similarity to previous installments.  The Enterprise is out patrolling the galaxies for the Federation when they get lulled into a trap which turns out to have them in a far corner of the galaxy that can only mean trouble and danger and of course the evil Krall (Idris Elba).  The special effects were well done which sometimes can either be overdone or too unrealistic to be effective.  In beyond we get to see a very desolate planet on the far side of the galaxy where some lost ships and their occupants have been put into servitude.  Krall has some serious special effects make up that took hours to put on.  Small spoiler alert we do get to see Mr. Elba in a more recognizable form at some point in the movie which is a great action scene.  The action and the movie itself were well executed and I have to admit it get me engaged from beginning to end and not all Star Trek adventures have done that for me.

The Lieutenant in the installment is another actress that some of us like and that is the very talented Zoe Saldana.  She plays a very pivotal role and has a cute almost romantic relationship with Mr. Spock……yes stranger things have happened.  One of the successes of the Star Trek franchise is the strong cast of characters that make the films so successful.  That same solid acting is displayed again in this film.  Not obviously you have to be a Star Trek fan to want to see a film like this but what is summer if you don’t see at least one space themed film.

My opening caption is intentional as I found myself surprisingly enjoying the future depictions of our world.  In this case this world is a city on a space station named Yorktown.  This future world is pretty cool with residents from many planets and a very accepting multicultural world with everyone getting along in perfect harmony.  The film dropped a few lines of what we need to do as humanity reminding us of the power of unity, etc.

Putting aside those platitudes I am not sure if it was timing or what but I found myself pretty much all in for the film.  I didn’t go in costume of course but it was a cool movie and while I try not to go to the dark side I enjoyed Mr. Elba and his excellent villain portrayal.  Like I said it was cool to see people of color in the future both on the space station, the space ship and even being a bad guy.  If you are into it check it out is what I would say.

Just one sad note and it needs to be mentioned one of the lead actors Anton Yelchin who hails from Russia and was a very talented actor passed away in a very unfortunate  freak car accident in June before the film had its release.

Live long and prosper…..

92 out of 100

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