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Queen & Slim

The parade of good films continues and this poignant drama adds to the 2019 list.  In many ways, it is provocative but at the same time that is one of the ingredients that make for a good film.  While it pulls upon a number of themes including police brutality the flick brilliantly takes us in another direction from the usual prison lock up and general depression.  

The screenplay is written by Lena Waithe who also helps to produce the film and shows some strong writing and interpretation of the times and what a good script can become.  The film has received strong acclaim and the acting chops of Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out) and Jodie Turner-Smith are on full display with the way they cause the audience to embrace the narrative and you begin to feel like you know them.

Trying to be careful not to give away the plot the origin of the film takes into account many of the leading social and political issues of the day.   Often described as a black Bonnie and Clyde the film does involve what happens when two polar opposite characters go on a date and of course there is a police stop.

The origin of the film and how Lena Waithe takes a simple story line and develops it into an intricate story is a tribute to her masterful ability to weave a believable narrative.

The acting is superb and with a few twists to the story line along the way Queen and Slim delivers and does so in a big way.  It definitely pulled me in and the others in the theater with me. I am very serious when I say it is emotionally gripping and in many ways you take the journey with Queen and Slim.  Many folks in the audience when I attended were in tears at the end and sat in their seats staring at the screen. Some parts are very believable and all of it is relatable

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. Of course, if I wanted to be difficult I could say that there are a few plot holes and perhaps even a stereotype or two. But is that not life?  

Queen and Slim is not a feel good movie so if you are looking for rainbows and unicorns take a pass.  If you are looking for life in these here United States and a what if this happened type of scenario then I commend Queen and Slim to you.

The folks in the film are real and relatable and help us to feel and perhaps even contemplate how we got to this point in our society that a Queen and Slim is even something to be conceived.  It is something to talk about and yes to think about as well.

There is a considerable amount of buzz around the film in terms of nominations and awards….we will have to see.  But it gets my vote for something and the performances by Mr. Kaluuya and Ms. Turner-Smith are together a force.

As we usher in the new year and resolutions and perspective…..I think it is worth being resolved to see this.

94 out of 100

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