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Take care of your mental health

Tyler Hatten

By Tyler Hatten, 

Unite Contributing Writer

Springfield, MO— Spring is a time of development and cleansing. No, that doesn’t mean cleaning out your closet and developing a new wardrobe. The most important storage space you must clean is the mind. Anxiety and Depression Association of America states about 40 million U.S. adults suffer from an anxiety disorder. 75 percent of those adults experienced their first episode of anxiety at age 22.

Everywhere you turn, someone is suffering from stress, anxiety, or even depression. It is extremely difficult to diagnose African Americans with mental illnesses. With religion, peer pressure, and financial influences playing a major factor, many African Americans aren’t able to receive the necessary treatments.

A crucial aspect to maintaining your mental health is cleansing your mind of all the negativity in your life. Here are a few helpful suggestions and tips to maintaining your mental health:

Yoga is one of the most efficient ways to making sure your life goes a little smoother. Yoga focuses on improving your health, perfecting your posture, improving your flexibility and increasing your blood flow. Classes range from beginner to expert with various styles of yoga for each level.

Most classes are $10-15 per session and some even offer student discounts. YouTube also has at-home yoga videos if you are on a budget and prefer privacy. Take 30 minutes of your day to unwind, relax your muscles and also meet new people!

Adopt a pet. Most people with depression and anxiety tend to distance themselves from others. Having a pet allows you to remain secluded while also having something you can communicate with. Dogs and cats are great pets for depression. They will certainly keep you busy so you aren’t focused on day to day issues. Going for walks will get you outside to soak up some sun and enjoy nature.

The important factor of owning a pet is building an emotional connection. People who suffer from depression feel no one cares about them

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. Pressure from friends and family can also prevent you from seeking help. Learning to care for something and having it reciprocate that love back will greatly improve your outlook on life.

Can money possibly buy happiness? Money problems are the number one reason people suffer from depression. A unique and free way to put yourself on the road to happiness is rearranging your home. Move your sofa around. Move your bed to the opposite side of the room. Move tables and dressers. Rearranging furniture creates a new look to your home. Having a new look inspires you to want a fresh start on life.

These three tips are just one of many steps to redefining your happiness. It’s okay to admit you are suffering from anxiety or depression. We must cherish our most powerful tool and eliminate the stigmas of mental illnesses. We must become a support system for one another and influence each other to take action so we or a loved one can obtain a healthier life.

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